As one of the best performing companies in Indonesia, Simetri is committed to participate in any activities that enhance people’s quality of life and environmental sustainability. We believe our responsibility could bring positive effects to the development of people as well as environment. Simetri feels it is our duty to contribute to the development of both environment and people, because their growths are adjacent to the company’s growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is Simetri’s commitment and responsibility for our nation, people, and environment. We commit to enhance CSR through inspiring and environment-friendly activities. The implementation of Simetri’s CSR program is to create a secure, comfortable, and dynamic community as well as healthy and sustainable working area.

Simetri expects improvements in people’s lives and environment by fully supporting the CSR. With improvements that have been made, Simetri will be able to bring good effects for people and the environment, and also sustain a good company growth. Simetri’s current involvement in CSR is grouped into three areas: community, environment, and employee.

Simetri cares for the fellowship and family of every employees. The events that we hold annually are Simetri realisations for the company’s aim: “Grow with the nation, good for the people.”

Environment Development

In Cikupa, Tangerang, Simetri analyzes the effect of the industrial waste to the surrounding area and work hard to prevent the industrial waste damaging the surrounding area. We try to decrease the CO2 ouput and other gas emission from our factory and offices. We follow the government regulations and try to minimize the waste that our factory produce everyday. Not only do we restrict the waste production to save money but also to protect environment as we know that energy is becoming more scarce in the future.

At Simetri offices, we also try to save on electricity and running water. We carefully allocate the use of paper for printing and photocopy. As a company that is based in a country where forests are main resources, we recognize the importance of preserving paper. Lots of paper waste will only increase the production of paper by cutting trees. It takes trees 10-20 years for them to grow until they are large enough to be cut.

To save the earth and our future generations, Simetri teach the employees to apply our saving programs in their household. We teach them that it will save them money, teach their children important lessons, and give their future generations a sustainable environment for them to live peacefully.

Community Development

Since 2003, Simetri puts aside a percentage of our profit annually to charity. We pledge to do this every year to help the unfortunate people. Simetri always gives donations to charity and social activities as a realisation of company responsibility to their surrounding environment. Simetri believes giving to charity must be alongside doing business.

Simetri donates a sizeable proportion of annual profit to the local orphanage and those others who are in need of help. We help make their lives better by bringing them closer to education. Education as we know is essential to the development of a nation and its people. We participate in growing the nation by establishing a good foundation in education for the people.

Since 1986, Simetri has contributed to numerous orphanages such as:

  • Yayasan Tri Asih, Jakarta
  • Yayasan Kasih Bunda, jakarta
  • Yayasan An Nuriyah, Bekasi
  • PA Kasih Mulia Sejati, Jakarta
  • PA Si Boncel, Jakarta
  • Wisma Tuna Ganda - Palsigunung

Employee Development

Simetri cares about the employees as they are essential for the growth of a company. Building a good relationship and teamwork between employees will increase their happiness and commitment to the company. We also emphasize on their spiritual and emotional development as we fully understand that good employees should have sufficient morals to be able to succeed in life and spiritual world. We organize many different activities to increase their morale and productivity.