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PT. Sinar Metrindo Perkasa (Simetri) creates high quality switchboards, and implements automation system, that are in accordance with safety regulations and standards. Simetri was founded in 1986 to fill the huge gap between supplies and demands for good quality switchboards in the market at that time. A good switchboard could prevent any harmful event that threatens people’s lives and deliver good distribution in electrical power usage.

Barriers like limited resources in Simetri’s first few years did not slow our growth. We break any barrier by working hard to gain customers trust and to optimize the production of switchboards more effeciently. There are other hard times when global economic recessions hit us in 1998 and 2008. However we succesfully overcome those hard times.

As Simetri grows prosperously, we still hold to ethical principles such as perseverance, commitment to excellence, fairness, accountability, and integrity. Simetri continuously serves our loyal and new customers. The sales figures hit record high, year in, year out. One of our proudest moments is when Simetri obtaining ISO 9001:2008 in the year 2002. These achievements drive us forward as well as educate us to be more mature.

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Simetri intends to produce high quality products that not only do they ease daily lives of people, but also protect them from any accident that prones to occur when dealing with electricity. We innovate on how the product can be optimized for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Customers safety and satisfaction are the leading factors that we always have in our mind when producing our high quality switchboards. Thus, our switchboards are the safest and the most reliable in this industry. Our technicians are always ready to provide excellent service.

Powered by highly motivated and highly skilled employees, Simetri are ready to challenge current competitive era with high determination. Guided by Simetri’s fundamental philosophies, we persistently innovate the synchronization between switchboards and automation, improve product quality and service satisfaction, and contribute to society and environment.


Growth With The Nation, Good For The People.


  • Best Service to Customer
  • Fairness & Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Striving for Improvements
  • Naturally Growing


  • Simetri believes to run clean transparent business practice.
  • Simetri always offers the best products within the customer’s specifications.
  • Simetri always strives to offer competitive price to the customer.
  • Simetri is capable of executing customer’s project tailor-made with wide-range flexibility.
  • Customer satisfaction is company’s top priority. Simetri provides extensive service to fulfill customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Key partnership with customers and suppliers is maintained with very well-mannered relationship.
  • To ensure the best quality product, Simetri always practices quality management within the guideline of ISO 9001:2008 corridor.
  • Simetri is committed to develop every area within the organization as an effort for continuous improvement.
  • Simetri offers equal opportunity for employees to develop themselves by providing necessary trainings, skills, and knowledge sharing.


Simetri believes in sustainable growth. Together with the nation’s development, the company puts utmost commitment to survive and ever grow for the better future. The company dedicates itself to be the best business partner for all stakeholders including the shareholders, suppliers, customers, government bodies, communities and competitors. Simetri always believes that stakeholder interest is company’s best command..


The name Simetri is associated with the word symmetry which means balance and stability. The core of the company’s business is Sinar (Light), Metal (Metal), and Listrik (Electricity). The logo takes the form of a circle which symbolizes the natural cycle of life. This cycle embodies the organization, and which continuously works for sustainable development, so that in the future everyone can leave a better and safer world for our future generations. Simetri believes that the company must always strives to be the best company amid intense competition by providing high quality product with competitive price and good service. In doing so, Simetri will transform themselves into reliable partner for everyone that has interest within company’s business.

Concrete Developments


At the age of 32 years and powered by dedicated people, Simetri keeps producing high quality Switchboard and reaching high record sales annually.

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Simetri is officially certified as Siemens Sivacon S8 licensed partner

Concrete Developments


Simetri is officially awarded SMK3 certificate

Concrete Developments


Simetri is officially awarded OSA certificate

Concrete Developments


Simetri is officially awarded with ISO 9001:2015

Concrete Developments


Simetri launches PT. Simetri Putra Perkasa which manufactures Blokset, Schneider Electric low voltage switchboard brand.

Concrete Developments


Proudly become Hiquel sole agent.

Concrete Developments


Proudly become Elesta sole agent.

Concrete Developments


Proudly become Matsushita EW agent; successfully synchronized 6 generator set for the first time at medium voltage for WTC Mangga Dua; obtained the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certifications to ensure customers trust.

Concrete Developments


Colaborated with Jung Won (Korea) to produce and market the Motor Control Center Panel

Concrete Developments


Simetri managed to escape from the global economic crisis that hit many industries especially in Indonesia

Concrete Developments


Successfully synchronized generator set with PLN (Justus chemical factory in Cakung, Cilincing

Concrete Developments


Proudly become Schleicher agent; accomplished a distinguished service by using PLC for the first time to govern 3 or more generator set.

Concrete Developments


Successfully synchronized 3 to 4 generator set

Concrete Developments


Proudly become American Auto-Matrix agent in Indonesia

Concrete Developments


PT. Sinar Metrindo Perkasa (Simetri) was established in 1986 to fill the potential market for good quality Switchboard in Indonesia. At that time, the infrastructure industry was booming, however there was a lack of quality switchboard. Simetri decides to provide high quality switchboard to achieve higher standard for building and people safety in Indonesia.