Genset Control Switchboard

We are able to synchronize up to 6 gensets and also able to synchronize between genset and PLN (‘Back and Forward Synchron’). We have succeeded in making electricity from both genset and PLN to work in sync continuously or temporarily.

Automatic Main Failure(AMF) is an automation system inside generator panel which functions as a generator activator if the power from the PLN source cut off, and to turn off the generator when the power from the PLN returns.

We have experiences in dealing with more than 4 genset controller brands so we have the knowledge to give the best advice for our customers.

LVMDP Switchboard

Main distribution board protects and distributes electric power to sub panel or loads. Some features of our main distribution board:

Interlock system and interlock with coupler

Interlock system:

A system that separates two different electric sources (PLN and a generator set) from flowing into each other.

Interlock with coupler:

The coupler panel functions as a separator of two different electric sources, and also as a connector of the two different electric sources when they are required to work simultaneously.

Capacitor Switchboard

This electrical switchboard corrects the power factor so that the energy cost can be reduced.

The power factor correction controller can be programmed and has touch screen display.

Distribution Switchboard

Controller and protector for power distribution to sub panels and loads such as hydrant, lighting, lift, etc.

Pump Switchboard

Controlling the operational of water pump. We have experiences in manufacturing all types of pump controller.